Wuhan Kindstar Diagnostics Co., Ltd. is a nationwide comprehensive clinical medical testing agency. It consists of esoteric testing center, routine testing center, and R&D Center. It offers high-end and leading-edge esoteric testing services to hospitals.



Headquartered in Wuhan National Biological Industry Base (Optical Valley Biological City), Wuhan Kindstar has laboratories covering an area of 20000 m2.  It located right between three lakes and two mountains with beautiful scenery all around. Wuhan National Biological Industry Base has Wuhan-Huangshi, Shanghai-Chengdu, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressways and Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway run through its area and enjoys the convenient transportation and fast logistics advantages.       



Wuhan Kindstar was jointly established by experts and entrepreneurs who had been studied and worked in USA for many years. Numerous large and medium-sized clinical testing institutes and esoteric testing laboratories at home and abroad are its technology and management partners. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Union Hospital and Wuhan Kindstar jointly invested 30 million yuan as a project initiation fund, to introduce international advanced testing equipment and build a standardized laboratory that conform to the national and international standards.   



Wuhan Kindstar adheres to both continuous self-technology development and constant introduction of foreign advanced technologies. It provides convenient, fast, economical and advanced medical testing services to all levels of hospitals, physicians and patients in order to benefit the society and the people. 

Shanghai SimpleGene Diagnostics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kindstar Global located in Shanghai. It provides high-end esoteric testing services in Shanghai.    



SimpleGene has routine testing platforms including routine clinical examination, biochemistry, immunology, microorganisms, trace elements, cytopathology, etc. In addition, adhering to the strong laboratory medicines academic background of Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, it has established esoteric testing platforms including flow cytometry, genetics, gene and molecular pathology and provide professional, fast and high-quality testing medical technology services to customers.

Beijing Hightrust Diagnostic Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kindstar Global Group located in Beijing. Beijing Hightrust Diagnostic Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Highrust”) was established in 2005. It is an independent medical testing company approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning. Beijing Hightrust mainly provides high-end esoteric testing services and “complementary” services to hospitals. Its testing services include “clinical body fluid, blood”, “clinical chemical testing”, “clinical immunology and serology”.        



Beijing Hightrust mainly provides esoteric testing services to diagnostic clinical diseases at the cellular and molecular level by using high-resolution flow cytometry, cell molecular genetics, molecular biology and other high-tech technologies. Many testing services Beijing Hightrust provides are not even carried out in the top hospitals, or difficult for hospitals to reach precise and accurate results due to limited specimens and less experience staffs. Since 2005, Beijing Hightrust has provided high-end esoteric testing in hematologic oncology, and offered comprehensive testing services on the diagnosis of hematological diseases that conform to WHO MICM (M, morphology; I, Immunology; C, Cytogenetic; M, Molecular) for thousands of Top hospitals in China.              



Beijing Hightrust moved to Beijing Economic- Technological Development Area in Yizhuang District, Daxing District, Beijing in the second half of 2012 to expand its business and develop more esoteric testing items (Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area is the only state-level economic and technological development zone in Beijing that enjoys both the preferential policies of the State Economic & Technological Development Zone and the National Hi-Tech Industrial Park.)    



Beijing Hightrust provides professional, high-tech and comprehensive testing services that help physicians to improve the diagnostic ability in primary health care institutions, and enables physicians access to new diagnostic and treatment information worldwide by its various technical support services, and provide domestic and foreign experts group consultation services to help physicians in the primary health care institutions to contact with and learn from experts at home and abroad. Beijing Hightrust dedicates its best medical testing services to patients. 

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