Our Vision: To be the navigator of medical technology and esoteric test services in China



Kindstar Global (Beijing) Technology, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Kindstar Global”) is the first and biggest leading-edge medical esoteric testing service group in China. Kindstar Global has been committed to leading China’s esoteric testing technology and services, and improving China’s specialty diagnosis and individualized health. With its service tenet “Patients’ interest is our priorty and doctors’ need come first”, Kindstar not only follows the international norms, standards and industry guidelines and introduces advanced technology and equipment, but also devotes to self-innovation and develops new testing technology and methods. 



Kindstar has provided an all-round, advanced and accurate esoteric testing service to China’s top hospitals, specialty hospitals and comprehensive hospitals. Kindstar has experts team and management team who had worked in the US academic institutes for more than 10 years, they have worldwide broad vision and rich experience. Kindstar is funded by the world most famous fundations including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Morningside, WI Harper Group and Baird Capital. From Jun. 18th, 2011 to Oct 1st 2017, Mayo Clinic cooperated with Kindstar Global. Mayo Clinic invested Kindstar Global directly and provided Kindstar Global with 600+ professional testings technologies and supports kindstar on laboratory quality management, international accreditation, information consultation, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and methodology, and therefore to help Kindstar Global continuous improving its testing quality and services and to develop China’s medical diagnosis and treatment.



Kindstar Global owns advanced and nationally accredited clinical testing, scientific research and development laboratories (38000 m2) in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. Kindstar has scientific expertise in esoteric testing, genomics, and clinical and anatomic pathology. The laboratories of Kindstar are equipped with high resolution flow cytometry, multicolor flow cell sorting and culture, multicolor fluorescent appropriate juvenile cell scanning and imaging instrument, second generation genomics sequencing, gene chip, automatic DNA/RNA extraction, COBAS high-sensitivity virus load system, high-precision mass spectra, mass spectra chip, high pressure liquid/gas chromatography, molecular cell, genetic and automatic karyotype scanning, denaturing high-performance chromatography, molecular pathology, digital pathology, liquid chip, single - molecule digital immunity, immunohistochemistry, protein fingerprint, confocal laser scanning microscopy and electron microscope. 



Kindstar has a service network covered 600 cities in 31 provinces and municipalities in China, and it provides 3000+ tests in hematology, oncology, medical genetics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases to medical specialties including internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department and pediatrics department in more than 3000 hospitals, among which more than 1000 are top hospitals in China. Kindstar also provides medical research, clinical trial services and translational medicine study services to physicians, medical science and technology institutions and pharmaceutical companies. 



Patients’ interest is our priorty , doctors’ need come first.


Kindstar Global is committed to continuous developing and introducing of the most advanced international medical esoteric testing technologies, and to carrying out extensive multi-center clinical collaboration and therefore to lead the clinical molecular medicines and related esoteric testing technology in china to develop in a professional, standardized and large-scale way.    

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