New Upgrade of Kindstar Global Cold Chain Service Live Report on the 4th China Medical Devices Supply Chain Summit 2018

Created on:2018-09-26 08:00



Recently, the 3rd hospital internal logistics conference of the 4th China Medical Devices Supply Chain Summit 2018 has been held in Haikou, Hainan, the beautiful coast of the South China Sea.


Talents and big guns gathered on the conference


The China Medical Devices Supply Chain Summit has invited more than 600 professionals in more than 40 industrial higher-ups, more than 50 medical institutions, and more than 60 production enterprises from Shanghai Association for Medical Device Industry, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Pharmaceutical logistics Sub-branch and other institutions. They gathered together to set up in-depth discussions and exchanged ideas with the theme of “Starting from ‘new’ – reengineering medical devices supply chain under the new normal”.



Medical devices supply chain problems


With the continuous expansion of the medical device market, the demand for the supply chain has surged. However, the field of circulation of the industry sets high requirements, high standards and professionalism, leading to a series of problems such as multiple levels, high cost, poor coordination, and low degree of informatization in reality. It’s necessary to speed up systematic innovation and reform, with the purpose to improve logistics management standards and normalization in the field of medical devices, and strengthen resource integration in the circulation of medical devices.

As a new round of medical reform continues to advance, Kindstar Global, with ten years of experience in the medical supply chain industry, now has a long way to go.



Kindstar Global high-quality cold chain service


Kindstar Global is much honored to be invited to participate in the conference. Mr. Yu Zhihan, general manager of Kindstar Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. said that the key to the future development of medical supply chain lies in reducing the logistics cost of the whole industry chain in the future, improving the logistics supply quality, and achieving cost decreasing and benefits increasing, thereby continuously enhancing the competitiveness of the real economy and exploring the future development trend of medical cold chain logistics in China.

For more than ten years, Kindstar Global has been devoted to leading the advancement of specialized special inspection technology and services, and constantly exploring in the medical supply chain, and relying on its own team, it now has provided high-quality special inspection services to more than 3,000 hospitals including more than 1,000 large-scale tertiary hospitals in 600 cities in 31 provinces and municipalities across the country, including Xinjiang, Tibet and remote towns and villages.

What Kindstar Global relies on to achieve such a wide coverage is an efficient customer service center, a nationwide logistics service network, and professional quality monitoring.

At present, the Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. has 600 employees and 7 cold chain vehicles, with full GPS positioning and real-time temperature monitoring; with years of experience in operation, it provides professional and fast cold chain logistics services for third-party medical technology specimens to ensure the quality of specimens and the timeliness of patient test results.

Nowadays, we have signed logistics and transportation contracts with institutions such as BDI, CONCARE and Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, which reflects the affirmation and trust for Kindstar Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. With the development of Kindstar Global cold chain, we will continue to upgrade our cold chain service system and strive to create a professional supply chain for medical related industries, to provide comprehensive solutions for the medical service industry, and offer more convenient and efficient cold chain services.