“Kindstar Global Young Eagle Talent Business School” officially started, Ready to go!

Created on:2018-09-26 08:00

A long-awaited and energetic “mystery” school officially held its opening ceremony today in a burning hot summer when the students enjoy their summer vacation!

It is the “Kindstar Global Young Eagle Talent Business School”.



The Group’s “Young Eagles” from across the country gather together today to witness the opening of the holy cause!


Why is the “Young Eagle” Business School?


Responding to the call of the times, the Group is also ready to meet the current “new economy” transformation boom with a new attitude and appearance. Similarly, “The Young Eagle Business School” is established, where the elites who are passionate and innovative, and pursue dreams and the Group will gradually transform from the young eagles and spread their wings in the sky!


Opening ceremony


At 9:00 am, Mr. Tu Zanbing, COO of Kindstar Global Medical Special Inspection Group, brought wonderful speeches to the students as the honorary president of the school!



President Tu Zanbing said that as a part of the “Young Eagle”, it’s extremely important to link old and new knowledge, to constantly review and summarize, and finaly achieve “unity of knowledge and action” and apply this enthusiasm and thinking in practical work.

As the founder and president of the school, Mr. Chen Xuesheng, the director of Sales Department, also expressed his attention and expectation for this course!



Then, the executive of the business school, Zhang Kai, the Chief Planner of “SGI”, brought the learning atmosphere to the scene of the opening ceremony in advance, with a greeting “Good, very good, extremely good – better to meet you” that immediately ignited the passion of students.

Ms. Cheng Zhong, the deputy director of Sales Department and the class teacher of the business school, gave a detailed explanation on the purpose and significance, training content, examination requirements, and members of the academic affairs section. Her humorous speech also elicted laughter from the audience.



Issuance of the mentors’ letters of appointment


Since it is a business school, how can there be no strong mentors, in addition to the passionate students?



The mentor gave caps to students


After the group draw, the mentors gave a cap to each student. I believe that the mentors and the students will be able to develop remarkable learning and execution ability in the following courses!



The “Young Eagles” take an oath collectively


Each student and the mentor, clenching fist with right hand, expressed loudly their determination to study hard and practice in high spirits!



The student and the mentor actively completed the discussion within the group


By building teams, coining slogans and choosing group names, the “freshly baked” Young Eagles were quickly familiar with each other and set their own learning goals and expectations.



Creative names were created one after another, such as “Dream Team”, “Tianying Team”, “Yinghuang Team”, “Ziqi Chongtian Team”, and “Tengfei Team”. In the work, teamwork is also very important in addition to personal ability, in addition to personal ability. I believe that members of each group will certainly create “sparks” in the next few days of study!



Students participated in development activities


 “Kindstar Global Young Eagle Talent Business School” will provide a one-year training to the talents. At the end of each course, it will assign related homework based on the combination of the course content and the reality, providing opportunities to link theory with practice, and bringing the most practical knowledge to each student. Each “Young Eagle” is expected to upgrade themselves and fly high, and work with a new attitude in the future, so that their dreams will start!