Focus on the Bio-Expo|Kindstar Global ‘To Health’ opens a new era of ‘Internet + medical technology’!

Created on:2018-09-26 08:00

On the morning of May 25th, the 11th China Bioindustry Convention and the 3rd “Optics Valley of China” International Biotech & Health Industry Expo were officially opened at OVC Science and Technology Exhibition Center. The conference, with the theme of “Developing the Bio-Economy and Helping Healthy China”, was co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government and the Chinese Society of Biotechnology.



Professor Huang Shiang, CEO of Kindstar Global and some of the leaders of the group taking group photos



Opening ceremony

Sang Guowei, Vice Chairman of the 11th National People’s Congress Standing Committee, declared the conference officially open. As the largest, highest-level and most influential event in China’s bio-industry, the conference attracted more than 300 leading companies at home and abroad to show their latest achievements in life and health industry. Responding to the proposal of “One Belt, One Road”, the conference built up the “One Belt, One Road” life science and technology promotion alliance.



Many people standing around the “To Health” booth


As a leader in the field of esoteric diagnostic industry, Kindstar Global displayed its the mobile Internet platform - “To Health” that specializes in professional health checkup and health management services in the exhibition. “To Health” can provide users with comprehensive health management such as health consultation, testing, interpretation, intervention, and treatment at home.



Blood collection at the  “To Health” booth


It is worth mentioning that the “To Health” brings the door-to-door medical technology service to the expo. After the customer placed the order, the nurse would collect blood on the spot, and the user independently inquired the results on the ‘To health' APP. This novel form, convenient service and professional team attracted many visitors to ask for more information.

In this era when the Internet and life are inseparable, the life and work pressure has made more and more people concern their health. Similarly, due to the busy work, these people who need medical treatment but don’t have enough time to go to the hospital are facing difficulties.




Kindstar Global “To Health” service procedure


The emergence of the “Internet + medical technology” medical platform - “To Health” has solved this problem well. It simplifies the complex and potentially uncomfortable aspects of medical treatment and health management, and provides users with professional, convenient and friendly services. Users can consult online, make appointments for professional nurses to visit, and obtain medical support from the “To Health” doctor team at home, to maintain their health conveniently and quickly.

In addition, the high-profile immunomagnetic reduction (IMR) has attracted many scholars and visitors for negotiation. IMR is a high-technical product that detects the biomarker of Alzheimer disease (AD) in the blood by simply drawing blood. It’s applied to assess the risk of AD, which allows the patients to be diagnosed and receive intervention or treatment early.



Kindstar Global booth at the Bio-Expo


As a new model in the health field, the “Internet + Medical technology”, created by Kindstar Global “To health”, has attracted many brands for cooperation and has joined the government-supported SSHR. With online and offline interaction, Kindstar Global will follow the pace of bio-economic development and contribute to Chinese health industry!