Kindstar Global, Cytek Biosciences Inc. Reach MOU to Co-develop Flow Immuno-phenotyping and MRD Test Panel

Created on:2019-12-10 10:48

Kindstar Global, Cytek Biosciences Inc. Reach MOU to Co-develop Flow Immuno-phenotyping and MRD Test Panel

December 9th, 2019


Kindstar Global and Cytek Biosciences Inc. have announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, co-develop Cytek Instrument-based Multiple Myeloma (MM) or Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) or Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia(ALL) Flow Immuno-phenotyping and Minimum Residual Disease Test Panel.


Dr. Shiang Huang, Founder and CEO of Kindstar, stated “Certainly we think this is a great opportunity and potential for both companies; and, we believe it will bring great benefits and applications for patients and physicians in the area of flow tests in China”.


Mark Herberger, Director of Clinical Marketing for Cytek Biosciences stated “Combining Cytek’s spectral flow cytometry product solutions along with Kindstar Global Technology’s leading-edge medical testing services to codevelop new innovations will provide patient‘s and doctors with next generation diagnostic solutions in blood cell cancers.”



About Kindstar Group


Kindstar Global Technology is the first and biggest leading-edge medical esoteric testing service group in China. It provides 3000+ tests in hematology, oncology, medical genetics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases to medical specialties including internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department and pediatrics department in more than 3000 hospitals. Kindstar also provides medical research, clinical trial services and translational medicine study services to physicians, medical science and technology institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Kindstar Global has been committed to leading China’s esoteric testing technology and services, and improving China’s specialty diagnosis and individualized health.  



About Cytek Biosciences Inc.


Cytek Biosciences Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flow cytometry products and services. Cytek's compact, affordable instruments and wide ranging support offerings are used by researchers and clinicians all over the world.