Best of ASH 2019

Created on:2020-01-09 09:37

Best of ASH 2019


The 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) had been held from December 7 to December 10, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. It was the largest globe hematology conference. Hematologists and scholars from all over the world gathered here to learn and present achievements and advances in hematology research. 61st Orland ASH successfully ended by Best of ASH, a review of the key themes and breakthroughs from this meetings abstract presentations.


This was the Kindstar Booth in 61st ASH meeting, the 1st Chinese diagnostic company was shown in the ASH annual meeting. Meanwhile Kindstar Global was also one of the sponsors for U.S.CAHON symposium and SCBA-HD for the first time.




Kindstar Global Technology is the first and biggest leading-edge medical esoteric testing service group in China. It provides 3000+ tests for more than 3000 hospitals in 600 cities, 31 provinces and municipalities in China. In 61st ASH, we discussed with global hematologists, researchers and were exposed to globe hematology community.


In particular, Kindstar Global and Cytek Biosciences Inc. signed MOU during ASH meeting, committed to Co-develop Flow Immuno-phenotyping and MRD Test Panel for multiple myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia, or acute lymphocyte leukemia. Both Dr. Shiang Huang, Founder and CEO of Kindstar global, and Mark Herberger, Director of Clinical Marketing for Cytek, said that they are looking forward to great opportunities and innovative applications of the Cyteck instrument based tests to Chinese patients and physicians in assisting diagnosis and therapy.



Although the 61st ASH was closed, scientists will not stop the research on blood disorders. We look forward to more presentations from China in the coming year. Kindstar global will continue to make every effort for the hematology development in China.