Mass Spectrometry Lab

Created on:2020-03-18 11:49

Mass spectrometry equipment generally consists of sample introduction system, ion source, mass analyzer, detector, data processing system, etc. The basic principle of the mass spectrometer is that the components in the test samples are ionized in the ion sources to generate positively charged ions with different charge-to-mass ratios, and through the action of accelerating field, ion beams are formed, and then enter the mass analyzer. In the mass analyzer, ions with different mass-to-charge ratios are separated spatially or temporally using the electric or magnetic fields, or they are focused on the detector by means of filtration to get the mass spectra and the maps related to mass and concentration (or partial pressure). The mass spectrometry is considered to be an advanced technique that has both high specificity and high sensitivity and has been widely used.


Instruments and apparatus

API 4000 ™ LC / MS / MS System Mass Spectrometer

It is developed from the industry-proven API 4000 ™. It can provide more superior sensitivity and reproducibility and increase the robustness of overall performance.

The API 4000+ ™ system provides comprehensive support for drug development scientists from the drug research and development to clinical trials, and provides high-quality analytical results in the fields of food safety, environmental detection, clinical testing and forensic toxicology analysis. It can provide reliable, high-quality quantitative and qualitative analytical data for your success.

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer benchtop LC-MS/MS combines the precursor ion selectivity of high-performance quadrupole rod with the accurate mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection technique with high resolution, to offer superior performance and versatility.

Q Exactive mass spectrometer, featured with fast scanning and multiple detection capabilities, is an excellent detector for rapid chromatographic separation. Its exceptional quality of its MS/MS data can not only provide a wide range of screening capability, but also specialize in target quantitative experiments, so that any laboratory can take full advantage of its versatility. The fast alternating positive and negative scanning modes support the most complex analysis methods, saving time in screening experiments. This benchtop system is particularly suitable for pharmaco-metabolomics, proteomics, environmental analysis, food safety, toxicology and clinical researches and application.