The company, as an identification agency registered in Department of Justice of Hubei Province, owns both legal judicial identification institution and qualified identifier; it has participated in the proficiency testing (PT) of Statutory Specified Scientific Technology Research Institute of Ministry of Justice, PRC: paternity identification (blood spot and paternity index calculation of dyad) with satisfied passed results. By using domestic mainstream STR typing kit, including 19+1 STR locus, the CPE (cumulate probability of paternity exclusion) >99.9999%. With the currently most advanced ABI 3500xL gene analyzer, 505 nm single wavelength solid longevity laser source, the laser energy signal could be highly homogeneous and STR typing could be more precise. 


Following the latest Technical Specifications of Paternity Identification and Documental Specifications of Paternity Identification and participating in all kinds of relevant judicial identification training activities. The company plans 400 square meters area for judicial identification. laboratory subarea, with reasonable laboratory subarea and orderly function layout. 


The identification institute could accept judiciary authorities, social groups and individuals to engage in paternity identification and issue the identification suggestions accepted by case-handling organs. The identification institute follows the principle of objectivity and fairness, abide by profession ethics, and implement identification procedures strictly, which could make sure the credibility and authority of judicial identification.

Judicial Appraisal