In Kindstar Global Diagnostics Group, all key members of the entrepreneur team and management team have been working in American academic and industrial circles for more than 10 years with broad vision and profound experience. Kindstar Global has received tens of millions of dollars from world famous venture capital fund organizations, such as KPCB, Morningside Group, WI Harper Group, Baird Capital Partner Asia, etc. On June 18th, 2011, Kindstar Global signed a six-year strategic cooperation agreement formally with Mayo Clinic in the United States. Mayo Clinicinjected capital into Kindstar Global, and provided Kindstar Global with nearly 600 specialized testing technologies and relative technologies, such as laboratory quality management, international certification standard, information consultant, standard operating procedures (SOPs), methodology and so on by its medical technology and pathology department and subordinate Mayo medical laboratory to assist Kindstar Global in rapidly developing its high-quality special diagnostic service in China and promote the growth of medical diagnosis and treatment level of China.


In Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xinjiang and Sichuan, Kindstar Global has built clinical testing, scientific research cooperation and application development centers and owns a center with an area of 38,000m2 currently under construction. These facilities conform to advanced international standards and are national qualified. There are dozens of technical platforms and professional laboratories in those centers, including flow cytometers with high resolution, the next generation sequencing platform, gene chips, automating DNA/RNA isolation devices, COBAS viral load system with high sensitivity, mass spectrometers with high precision, high-pressure liquid and gas phases chromatography equipment, molecular cell, heredity and automatic karyotype scanning devices, digital pathology, liquid chip, a single molecule digital immunity, laser copolymerization microscope, electron microscopes and so on. They have provided more than 3000 high-precision diagnostic tests in the fields of blood, tumor, genetics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and in other specialties, including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, for more than 3000 hospitals in 31 provinces and municipalities and more than 600 cities in China, especially at large tertiary hospitals. Through cooperation with the leading medical technology institutions and large scale companies all over the world, they provide medical research, drug testing and translational medical research services to numerous clinicians across the country.


Xinjiang Kindstar Yijiali Medical Laboratory (Co., Ltd.) with a construction area of 3000 square meters was founded in 2015, which located in Greenwich city, Qimashan Road, Urumqi Municipality. Medical laboratory is the first third-party laboratory and independent tertiary medical diagnostic center approved by Health and Family Planning Commission in autonomous region. What’s more, it is the first specialized joint-stock medical institution of “clinical genetic and molecular diagnosis”, has passed the acceptance of the regional clinical examination center., and can be used for medical examination, health management, experiment research, etc.



Sichuan West China Kindstar Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd was jointly founded by hematology department of West China Hospital, Sichuan University and Kindstar Global Diagnostics Group in 2017. It is a specialized company for special hematological tests, and primarily provides clinical physicians with rapid, efficient and accurate medical diagnosis. Based on the spirit of “Patients’ interest is our priority and doctors’ need comes first”, our company provides patients with high-quality medical services and serves numerous patients with blood disease by taking full advantage of good medical brand and talent resource of West China Hospital and technical superiority of the third-party diagnostics company.


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