With the internationally advanced and nationally qualified clinical testing, scientific research/cooperation and application development centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, and with a total area of 38000 square meters (built or under-construction), Kindstar Global can provide high-precision diagnosis and detection of more than 3000 items, including hematology, oncology, medical genetics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases for many medical specialties including internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department and pediatrics department of over 1000 large-scale tertiary hospitals. And it can provide medical research, drug trial and translational medicine study services for the vast clinicians nationwide by cooperating with globally top medical science and technology institutions and large pharmaceutical companies.


One-stop services for Medical research:


1. Consultant team composed of senior scientists in the field of medical research at home and abroad can provide internationally frontier subject information and scientific research suggestions.

2. High-class experimental facility and scientific instrument ensure the reliability of the testing results and the rigorous of the scientific research data.

3. The comprehensive and systematic technology platform can ensure the integral and reliable of scientific data, and increase the working efficiency, and speed up scientific research progress.

4. Resource sharing, platform sharing, concept sharing can provide full range of scientific research collaboration services in design of scientific research, experiment technology, up-to-date information, case accumulation, data analysis and so on. 


Scientific research service department of Kindstar Global has been committed to:


Strategically cooperate with customers in the fields of basic medicine and clinical testing. 

Provide high-end professional technical services for customers in biology, drug research and development and agriculture.

Scientific research department of Kindstar Global, dedicating to satisfying scientific research needs of customers, will serve you wholeheartedly.

Scientific Research